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    Data Load error

      Hi Experts,

      I am working on version 11.1.2 of Essbase. I am trying to load datafile in ASOsample application that comes along with the install(dataload.txt). I am trying to load it via EAS but it terminates automatically & gives following error:

      Database Sample.Basic altered
      Output columns prepared: [0]
      Parallel dataload enabled: [16] block prepare threads, [16] block write threads.
      Data load stream contains [30360245] zero and [7631559] #MISSING cells
      There were errors, look in C:\Oracle\....\client\dataload.err
      Database import completed ['Sample'.'Basic']
      Output columns prepared: [0]
      Data load buffer [9999] does not exist
      Unexpected Essbase error 1270040

      Please Help me regarding this issue...

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