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    How to create dynamic calc account in multi-plan type application

      Hi expert,

      I have a planning application with 3 plan types.

      I created a calculation script which fixed on accounts in plan type 1 only and the calculation suppose to calculate a "dynamiccalc" account with a member formula attached. Everytime I run the script, it takes very long time and I found there are sessions at the back of essbase with "Process local xref/xwrite request" request to other plan types.

      It does not has this kind of session if I change the account to "store".

      Would like to check, is it possible to create a dynamic calc account to calculate for only 1 plan type in a multi-plan type application? Is there any special setting that I need to do to enable this? I already selected source plan type as Plan type 1 for my dynamic calc account. Please help!

      Many thanks!!

      My HP application is on version