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    Mediator Properties


      I am trying to build a composite application which has a File Adapter to read the xml files, a Mediator and B2B for Outbound transmission.
      I am setting up following properties in Mediator.

      expression : 'b2b1'     property : b2b.fromTradingPartnerId
      expression : 'b2b2'     property : b2b.toTradingPartnerId
      expression : 'Custom'     property : b2b.documentProtocolName
      expression : '1.0'     property : b2b.documentProtocolVersion
      expression : 'Xml'     property : b2b.documentTypeName
      expression : 'AS2 Identifier'     property : b2b.fromTradingPartnerIdType
      expression : 'AS2 Identifier'     property : b2b.toTradingPartnerIdType

      The Sender shows me all properties correctly set in Reports. The same document is configured on receiver side which is also a B2B. The receiver does show the file but throws Document protocol identification error. The receiver fails to identify Sender, document protocol version etc. The Sender receives back Ack for unexpected processing error.

      If it works correctly I want to make it a bit general by reading FROM_PARTY and TO_PARTY from my Xml file in Mediator.