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    BehaviorTracking tag for clickContentEvent not working

      I am facing tough time for clickContentEvent BehaviorTracking tag to fire and insert an entry into bt_event table.
      But displayContentEvent is working fine without any issues.

      I have settings in Portal Administration for Event Service and Behaviour Tracking Service correctly.

      com.bea.p13n.tracking.listeners.BehaviorTrackingListener and ClickContentEvent is configured.

      This is my JSP that is trying to retrive content and when I click the link, its not inserting for clickContentEvent.

          <pz:contentSelector rule="testcontent" id="nodes" sortBy="cm_nodeName desc"/>
           <utility:notNull item="<%=nodes%>">
           <utility:forEachInArray array="<%=nodes%>" id="node" type="com.bea.content.Node">
          <BehaviorTracking:clickContentEvent documentId="<%=node.getName() %>" id="eventInfo"/>
          <% String url = request.getContextPath() + "/ShowBinary"+node.getPath()+"?"+ eventInfo; %>
          <a href="<%= url %>" ><%=node.getName() %> </a>
      And I have the following Servlet mapping in web.xml -
      I am confused when displayContentEvent is working, why not this clickContentEvent?