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    Cannot create jQuery Mobile Grid in Mobile List View

    Scott H.
      Hi all...
      I'm trying to display a grid in my mobile list view to show availability.

      I went to the jmobile query help to find the best way to do this and used this link http://jquerymobile.com/demos/1.2.0/docs/content/content-grids.html

      I wrote a function to output the "availability" in a div ID

      so my query is
      select style,color_no,f_avail(style,color_no) from avail;

      my function outputs the following data

      [div class="ui-block-a"][div class="ui-bar ui-bar-e"]2 - -12[div][div]
      [div class="ui-block-b"][div class="ui-bar ui-bar-e"]4 - 0[div][div]
      [div class="ui-block-c"][div class="ui-bar ui-bar-e"]6 - 0[div][div]
      [div class="ui-block-d"][div class="ui-bar ui-bar-e"]8 - 0[div][div]
      [div class="ui-block-e"][div class="ui-bar ui-bar-e"]10 - 0[div][div]
      [div class="ui-block-a"][div class="ui-bar ui-bar-e"]12 - 0[div][div]
      [div class="ui-block-b"][div class="ui-bar ui-bar-e"]14 - 0[div][div]
      [div class="ui-block-c"][div class="ui-bar ui-bar-e"]16 - 0[div][div]

      In my list view text formatting I've done the following
      [h3]&COLOR_NO. &COLOR_ABBR.[h3]
      [div class="ui-grid-e"]&AVAIL.[DIV]

      *Note: I replaced all the html "<" and ">" with "[" and "]" to show

      However, instead of getting the grid I want, i get the html output as text.

      Am i doing something wrong here? Anyone have a good way to get a grid up?

      Running on Windows 2008, Apex, Database 10GR2, weblogic 11g app server (apache, not listener)