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    Oracle BI Plugin MS OFFICE 2010

      I downloaded OracleBIOFFICE for MSOffice 2010 from OBIEE11g.

      I installed and could able to login (Changed Bioffice.xml) but I could not access catlog and that icon is grayed out and it is doing for all the other MS Office tools, powerpoint, excel etc.

      I am not sure what the exactly the problem I dont know if there would be any log associated with this stuff.

      Help would be appreciated.

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          Sasi  Nagireddy

          Microsoft Office 2010 is now available with 11g version of obiee to be integrated into OBIEE. Below are the setup and installation instructions:


          OBIEE 11g (

          Microsoft Office 2010

          Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits

          Note: supports MS Office supports 2010, whereas supports MS Office 2003 and MS Office 2007.


          Download the installation file for the Oracle BI Add-in for Microsoft Office from the OBIEE Home page (http://yourservername:7001/analytics).

          Get Started > Download BI Desktop Tools > Oracle BI for MS Office.

          Run the executable that you have downloaded and follow the wizard to complete the installation.


          1. Open Microsoft Power point or Microsoft Excel (The connection information is shared, therefore you can enter it through either application and it is available to both.), click OK.

          2. Preferences window opens. On the Connections tab, select New.

          3. In the New Connection window, fill the following fields

          Server Name: Give any name (e.g. 123obi BI Office)
          BI Office Server: Enter the URL for the BI Office Server (e.g. kalyan.123obi.com). You can enter “localhost” if the BI Office Server is installed on your local machine.
          Application Name: bioffice (deault)
          Port: 7001 (default is 80)

          4. Click on Test connection. It should show the following screen, if not check the connection details and correct them.

          Note: This does not test the connection between the BI Office Server and Presentation Services.

          5. Notice that the Oracle BI Menu has been shown.

          6. Click Login to login to Presentation Services using the appropriate username and password.

          You will get the “Login failed. Please check the username, password and Oracle BI Office server availability.” It is because in the bioffice.xml (C:\OBI11g\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\servers\AdminServer\tmp\_WL_user\bioffice_11.1.1\hsq62b\war\WEB-INF\) SawBaseURL is pointing to 9704 port. Change it to 7001 and then save the file. Restart the services from EM (http://yourservername:7001/em) and try login again, it should work.

          7. Once you are logged in, you will see the BI Catalog on the right pane of Microsoft Power point

          Mark as helpful if it is correct.

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            Check your steps using this link

            If helps mark
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              Thanks for you reply

              I did that already...My problem is Catalog has been greyed out on the right pane.Could not access the folders.


              Thank you for your reply

              My XML is same as the Oracle provided.No sure whats causing the issue..

              Restarted the services too..
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                The following is my bioffice.xml.Would you please let me know if there is any problem with this.(Confirming that I could able to login successfully with weblogic user)


                <!-- log -->

                <!-- LogDir. Default is [O4CJ dir]\j2ee\home\applications\bioffice\bioffice\WEB-INF\log -->
                <!-- <property name="LogDir">D:\BIOffice\Server\log\</property> -->

                <!-- LogLevel Never = 1; Error = 2; Warning = 3; Msg = 4; Debug = 5; -->
                <property name="LogLevel" type="int">3</property>

                <!-- saw -->

                <property name="SawBaseURL">http://localhost:8704/analytics/saw.dll</property>

                <!-- Set SAW version manually: 10 (for,, etc), 11 (for 11.1). This is optional. SAW version can be detected automatically by Office Server. -->
                <!-- <property name="SawVersion">11</property> -->

                <!-- Does SAW use SSO (Single Sign-On)? Yes = 1; No = 0; -->
                <property name="SawUseSSO" type="int">0</property>

                <!-- In SSO case, sawBaseURL is for web service only, sawWebURLforSSO is for external web request. In none SSO case, sawBaseURL is for both web service and external web request. -->
                <!-- <property name="SawWebURLforSSO">http://localhost/analytics/saw.dll</property> -->

                <!-- Set the Impersonator only for NTLM SSO. -->
                <!-- <property name="SawSSOImpersonator"></property> -->
                <!-- <property name="SawSSOImpersonatorPassword"></property> -->

                <!-- Specify the maximum number of rows to be returned by SAW executeXMLQuery or fetchNext method. -->
                <property name="SawMaxRowsPerPage" type="int">5000</property>

                <!-- Parse hyperlink column? Yes = 1; No = 0; -->
                <property name="SawParseHyperLink" type="int">1</property>

                <!-- Parse percentage column? Yes = 1; No = 0; -->
                <property name="SawParsePercentageColumn" type="int">1</property>

                <!-- Fetch fresh data? Yes = 1; No = 0; -->
                <!-- Turn on will make SAW re-submits the query to refresh data, in stead of reading data from cache. -->
                <property name="SawFetchFreshData" type="int">0</property>

                <!-- Office -->

                <!-- Compress result sent to Office client? Yes = 1; No = 0; -->
                <property name="OfficeCompressResult" type="int">1</property>

                <!-- If compress Office result, specify the minimum size (in bytes) to trigger the compression. -->
                <property name="OfficeCompressResultMinSize" type="int">16384</property>