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    A few more Solaris questions

      I'm sure this isn't the best place to post this, but I currently have a file server running Solaris 11 with a raid-z2 pool and I'm building a new vmware server out of some parts I've managed to get some good deals on might I add.

      I'm building on a supermicro x8dt3-f board that has an LSI controller on board with a pair of xeon 5570's and 48gb ram. The processors and ram actually came from a sun blade that was tossed out for recycling, sadly the box had never been opened, but i got these for pennies on the dollar, so i'm happy

      I'd like to move the current Solaris file server into a VM on the new ESXi 5.1 host and passthrough the LSI controller.

      I've been reading, and reading and reading and i find the more i read, the more questions I have and the less clear some of the answers are getting.

      First, from what I gather, Solaris 11 has only been added to the supported guest list in ESXi with the recent esxi 5.1 version as I understand? So all should be fine here? Can someone confirm?

      second, i've read about issues with LSI controllers under solaris 11. Is this something that has been addressed in 11.1?

      Third, trying to find the best method to conver the physical system to virtual under ESXi

      The first thing I plan on doing is backing up my data from the pool, though it will be scattered across a few systems. Then I plan on exporting the pool to move the disks physically to the new controller in the VM. The question I have here, is will the share flags and permissions be retained when I import the pool? or do I have to redo all that?

      But then, what's the best method to move it to a VM? The one document I see come up the most is moving a physical solaris system into a zone on another system. Can it be transferred to the global zone? Could I do a new install in a VM, and move the existing install to the global zone, import my pool and call it a daY?

      Or do I dd the OS disk, convert the image and drop it into vmware, get the hardware working, and then import the pool?

      Or is there a better way? Has anyone got any online docs in mind that may help specifically with this migration? everything i'm finding is scattered, maybe i'm not looking for the right things but I could use some pointers if anyone has suggestions.

      I suppose I should note, i have it integrated with an Active directory, this is why i'm worried about permissions being retained when i import the pool

      I just want this to go as quickly and smoothly as possible, with as little headache as possible. it's my home setup, so realistically it takes the time it takes as long as things go smooth
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          I know this may not be the answer you are looking for, but I think you are making it more difficult than it needs to be.

          One other option is to leave your Solaris Storage server on the bare metal of this new beast of a machine you are piecing together. Then, use VirtualBox 4.2.6 which is support quite well in Solaris to run whatever virtual machines you where intending ESXi to be used for.

          This way you have the fastest possible storage setup without the issues of hardware passthrough. And the fast storage now benefits the VMs running on it. Not to mention the other neat options now of running lzjb compression for the VMs. either using zvols for the VMs, or just virtualbox vdi files sitting on a compressed zfs filesystem.

          As far as the LSI 1068E controller goes, their website only shows drivers for Solaris 10. So unless Solaris 11 has the drivers built in, you may not be able to use that controller. Believe me I feel your pain in this one.. I have the d#$$!est time finding good SAS HBAs for Solaris 11.1 and the few I did find had questionable drivers. Areca 1320 cards seem to work well, as do Adaptec 64xx and 68xx raid cards. LSI has a new line that supposedly works with Solaris 11.

          My advice is to try a baremetal install of Solaris 11.1 on the new machine and see if you can recognize drives on the LSI controller, if not then use the 6 onboard SATA ports if that is enough for the drives. Otherwise purchase an Areca 1320 which is only like 230 bucks for the 8 port version. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816151116R
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            Oh almost forgot.. For exporting and importing pools. I have found that NFS and SMB exports follow the pool. However iscsi targets and stmfs lu's will not.
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              I'd be surprised if the mpt driver that comes with Solaris 11 doesn't support the 1068E.