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    How to format NFS Volumes for ASM

      I have NFS volumes attached on my RAC Nodes.
      How can I format these volumes for ASM?

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          Victor Armbrust
          In that case you should use NFS as a Shared Storage, not for ASM. You can use NFS for your datafiles and OCR/Vote disks.
          In fact, you should use some mount specific options.

          Check this out: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/install.112/e22489/storage.htm (for 11.2x)

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            You can use NFS with ASM.

            I've created several filesystems and then created several empty files for each filesystem using the dd command and then shared the central filesystems to respective cluster nodes nfs clients and successfully install Oracle and Grid Infrastructure and Grid on all cluster nodes resulting in ASM on each node and then installed Oracle Real Application Cluster with no problem.

            I've found some wonderful people at this site whom have been very helpful in sharing their experience which has assisted me in getting successful installs.

            You must not give up.