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    Difference accrual value between periodic cost(po receipt) and AP

    Rex Lin

      We use the periodic average costing method for a while. Now we find a problem, the accrual value is difference between po receipt and ap.

      For example, we did a po receive transaction in Feb. 01, price 1, quantity 10, currency rate is 10 in that day. Then we get the invoice in Feb. 20, the rate is 11, price is 1 and quantity is 10 also. The matching method is match to receipt.

      After we ran the 3 pac programs, the accrual value in PAC is 110(1 price * 10 quantity * 11 AP rate). But the accrual value is 100 in AP(1 price * 10 quantity * 10 po receipt rate). The accrual is not balance.

      Detail journal entries are below

      PO Receive
      Dr. RI 110
      Cr. Accrual 110

      PO Deliver
      Dr. INV 110
      Cr. RI 110

      Dr. Accrual 100
      Dr. ERV 10
      Cr. AP 110

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