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    Problem with OWA_UTIL.ident_arr and IE 9

      Hi. I have an update statement that normally gets called after a user makes a change on a webpage and hits a submit button. The process uses the ident_arr array, and works for all browsers and version except IE 9. I've traced the problem to the .exists clause. It no longer enters the loop if I'm using IE 9. I've tried changing it to use vc_arr, but no difference. Pseudo code below. What's different with IE9? Any suggestions/solutions/workarounds? Thanks!

      PROCEDURE P_SaveSess(p_sess OWA_UTIL.ident_arr) IS

      i NUMBER;


      i := 1;
      WHILE p_sess.EXISTS(i) LOOP

      UPDATE my_table;
      i := i + 1;
      END LOOP;