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    Loading Facelets via ResourceHandler

      Hi there,
      can anyone tell me what's the main difference between JSF 2.0/2.1 and JSF 2.2 regarding to "Loading Facelets via ResourceHandler".

      I searched many articles and discussions and regarding to Flows and reosource library contracts there are some thinks that are not really clear to me and might be still in discussion

      In my opinion facelets and resources are loaded the same way now. The loading mechanism is unified now. But what does this mean.

      Are Resources within the Facelets or Views are loaded relative to their path now ?

      E.g. a view located in /x/y/z/view.xhtml will load its resources from /x/y/z/css/style.css when using <link type="text/css" href=css/style.css"/> and not from the resources folder ?!

      It would be very helpful for me if anyone could provide a simple example or a link where i can the right information, because it's one of the 6 big ticket features ed burns is mentioning in every article and presentation i saw, but the background is not completly clear for me :-/

      Thanks in advance!

      Kind regards,


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