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    OAM11g server issue

      I am having a single machine/server in which I have installed 2 OAM Managed Servers in different domains with different port numbers 14100 and 15100.

      When I try to open the OAMConsole with URL : http://IpAddress:1stAdminServerPort, it redirects to 14100 an it opens successfully.

      But, when i try to open the OAMConsole with URL: http://IpAddress:2ndAdminServerPort, instead of redirecting to 15100, it redirects to 14100 port. The deployments in 2nd Admin Server console shows oam_server deployment as failed.

      Any solution for this ?

      Kind Regards,
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          Hi Varun,

          For the redirect issue, please check the "Access Manager Settings" in the /oamconsole (without any managed servers running) and check the port in the Load Balancing section. For the deployment failure, I'm not sure what to suggest - does drilling down into it give more clues where it may have failed?