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    Portal User metrics

      We've been asked to provide a list of users who haven't user our Portal pages for 6 months or more. I've had a look through a number of tables but can't find any relevant info. Can anyone say where I could find this info?

      We are user version

      Thanking you in advance.
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          Oracle Portal user activity can be reported on using PORTAL.WWLOG_ACTIVITY_LOGS but what is actually being logged and the length of time that data is available (it gets purged) depends on what was setup/configured for your portal. For just the data on user logins using SSO, you could report on that using ORASSO.WWSSO_AUDIT_LOG_VIEW. (From what I can tell from our portal instance, that data does not get purged.)
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            Apologies for not getting back to you oportalist, your advice was spot on and we got the info required. Thanks, and apologies again.