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    APEX Installation issue

      Hi All,

      I have an issue while installing the apex application.
      Recently we migrated to APEX 4.1 version. Before migrating I have imported all the available applicaitons in the workspace.

      Suppose for an application ABC, we have 3 member team and created our own copy of the applications like ABC1, ABC2 and ABC3.

      I have expoted all the 3 applications and saved the .sql files.

      After migrating to APEX 4.1, I tried to import the same applications into the workspace. I have imported successfully. But when installing the applications I am getting errors. The DBA is telling that I need to set the Security_Group_id.
      He has sent the security_Group_id for the application ABC. I have set that too but still unable to Install the application.

      What can be the issue?

      Moreover as we have 3 copies of the same ABC application, will all the 3 copies have different security_group_id?