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    Multiple Instances of 11gR2 on Win7 Professional 64-bit

      I have successfully installed Oracle 11gR2 ( on Windows7 Professional 64-bit machine with No RAC and No ASM Disk Groups. I want to keep this environment as I have to do some work immediately.

      Now, I want to install non-RAC 11gR2 with ASM Disk Group - Please let me know if it is possible to keep both environments side by side; if so please help me with some step by step guide to install 11gR2 with ASM Disk Groups.

      Installation of RAC:
      I am now working on creating two nodes RAC on Linux 6 using latest Virtual Box.

      My later plan is to install RAC in Windows7 Professional 64-bit machine (keeping the above two non-RAC environments). So far, I did not get any step by step process or something very useful.

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