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    Help need in Java Web Service method receiving object values as null

      Below is my web method and Package is the object received from dotnet client as a consumer. I have also defined the Package object structure. Now when I receive the data from dotnet I get only identifier value, but I get ownerid and price as null, even both values are sent by Dotnet client. I want to know whether only primitive datatype in java web service works or I need to do some configuration changes in order to have build in Wrapper class datatypes? It would be a great help if somebody explains.

      @WebResult(name = "PackageId")
      public long createNewPackage(@WebParam(name = "Package") com.db.radar.wl.data.Package data1,@WebParam(name = "PackageDetail") PackageDetail data2,@WebParam(name = "PackageTrade") PackageTrade data3);

      public class Package {
      Long ownerid;
      Double price;
      long identifier;