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    Performance comparisons of OEL 5.8 2.6.32.uek and RHEL 5.8 2.6.32 kernel

      OVS : version 3.1.1

      Has anyone benchmarked RHEL 5.8 2.6.32 kernel with OEL 5.8 2.32uek kernel in PVM setup. (not PVHVM, though it doesnt matter for 2.6.32 kernel onwards)

      We are testing the ODA v1 virtualized, and the oda_base (database) template comes with OEL 2.6.32.uek .. Our application is going to sit on pvms' running on RHEL 2.6.32 (We have already tested the pvm's running on RHEL 2.6.32 on the X-32 server and have achieved great results).