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    APEX on SQL Server


      We've many packaged applications on the top of our SQL Server databases. Is it effective and efficient to build side applications in Oracle APEX against SQL Server databases by creating a schema in Oracle that connects to SQL Server databases through dblink with Oracle Database Gateway? Or does it make more sense to develop in ASP.Net or Oracle JDeveloper/ADF?

      We've been using Oracle APEX for years and are very sophisticated building front-end applications with APEX and PL/SQL.

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          If you can justify the cost and confusion of building an APEX app who's data ultimately resides in a SQL Database, go for it.. Sounds like you are trying to use a hammer to put screws in.... Use the appropriate tool for the job...

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            You can use APEX but you should realize that the performance would be affected since you will be using Database Gateway (and dblink) to perform DML (select, insert, update, delete,etc.). It is not the best approach but it can be a workable one if the not efficient performance is not noticeable.

            I think it is a good alternative when the data must exists on a non-Oracle DB when you have staff with APEX skills and can develop an application quickly using those skills.

            But, I never have done this approach before, so I cannot tell you from experience.

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              Since our requirement was to only read SQL Server data; we pump the data daily into Oracle and then go at the data via APEX.