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    Model not rendering with no UI in Applet

      I am currently working on an implementation of AutoVue that calls for the applet to have no UI and to just display the model.
      I have found that when I remove the UI form the applet the model does not render or display until I do something to the page like scroll the browser window or re size the browser window.

      I have found that if I leave 'TOOLBAR NORTH IDS_VIEWMODE_MAIN' in the UI with at least one of the 'BUTTONPOPUP 3DMODE' options e.g. SMActionRotate then the model renders properly on page load without having to do any of the quirky things mentioned above. Has anybody else had this issue or know of any work arounds?
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          Not able to reproduce by removing north toolbar (using a custom gui file).
          Even removing all the UI works fine, e.g.:

          Which JDK are you using?
          Try to use light weight component using the following applet parameter:
          +<PARAM NAME="HEAVYWEIGHT" VALUE="false">+

          See related link: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/java/mixing-components-433992.html

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            I think I had some incorrect tags or mis-configuration in my GUI file, I rebuilt one by removing unwanted elements from the default one provided and now it's working as expected.