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      we are working on migrating application from ATG 9 to 10. In our existing implementation we are using pricelists for pricing. we have multiple price lists and sale price for a price list was created by extending the Price item descriptor.

      And we have customized the UI under SKU price lists tab to display the SKU sale price.

      Now in ATG 10, due to flash based UI, the sale price column is not visible. How to customize UI to display the sale price under pricelists tab in SKU section.

      Any alternative design is also helpful.

      Any help is appreciated.

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          You may not want to revisit your price item customization at this point, but you could probably eliminate your customization and the need to customize the Flex UI if you used a sale price list. ATG has always had full support for sale pricing in the SKU-based pricing calculators, but did not have full support for sale pricing in the price list calculators until recently (I think 10.0). With the new out-of-the-box features, you'd store sale prices in separate price lists and assign two price lists to every user, one for list prices and one for sale prices.

          I was going to refer you to the Commerce Programming Guide, but the section about implementing sale pricing with price lists has not been updated to match the code. The manual tells you to do things that ATG has already done for you. For example, there is now a salePriceList property defined in the user profile, and the comments in ItemPricingEngine.properties that you can edit to turn on price lists have been updated with the necessary calculator for sale pricing.
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            Thanks for the response. we have custom logic for determining the sale price list. And sale price list cannot be put in profile, as we will have only few items out of catalog will be in sale. And we have overriden salepricecalculator to achieve the logic. As you mentioned, we have created two price lists now to store the sale price.

            This way under the SKU page, we can see bot the price lists.