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    Flash Cache is useful for Materalized Views?

    User505978 - Oracle

      We have 2 different database in seperate servers. Both database is Quarted Exadata.

      We have some customer tables on core banking database and we created MVs on the oter database for these table via db link.

      Sessions are coming from clients to the database which has MVs and making complex query by using MVs.

      Do you think placing thse MVs to the flash cache can give us some benefit?
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          1) The access over the DB link may take more time than the access on the remote DB to the MV there, so the effect of that flash caching may not be so noticeable.
          2) It is likely that the container tables of the MVs are flash cached automatically by the cells, if that seems sensible.
          3) You can very easy check out if ALTER TABLE MV-Container-Table-Name STORAGE (CELL_FLASH_CACHE KEEP) makes a difference

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