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    Sharing Linux(Mint) and S11 on the same (laptop) HD

      I'm doing a fresh install of S11(.1) to a new HD in my Tosh M10.

      I want to have a dual boot Linux/S11 setup

      I installed Linux Mint 1st the S11.1 The LM grub was still active and I could not get it to see the S11 partition.

      I would prefer to have the S11 grub as my primary.

      I have tried to overwrite the MBR with installgrub -m, but that made no difference.

      I re-installed S11.1 and let it use the entire disk.

      Grub failed, it was still using the LM grub.

      So. How do I go about having a multi boot env with S11.1 and use its GRUB as the default loader ?

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          Multi-boot is always delicate.
          I use multi-boot on a laptop (with multiple users), to have a reasonably secure base system available
          there too (Ubuntu), besides Windows, which is the primary boot.
          Solaris 11 did not work on the Core i3 there.

          But this is a special case.
          Normally I strongly recommend to install VirtualBox (or another VM).
          On my work station I run Solaris 11.1 and installed VirtualBox.
          Guest systems: Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Windows 7 (BSD planned).

          Easy installation, easy maintenance.
          Works stable.
          Parallel use of multiple systems.
          Shared memory.
          Communication via ssh.
          Selectable interfaces to the global net.
          And so on.
          Hence there is nearly no restriction, compared to multi boot.
          The scope is rather greater.

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            The Solaris partition has to come first.

            Linux GRUB cannot boot ZFS. Solaris GRUB can only boot ext2. So install Mint accordingly.

            Then you should be fine.

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              +1 the VirtualBox recommendation. I have had no need or desire to dual-boot since discovering VirtualBox.
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                VB, not an option for the reasons I want to use Linux. Namely for Skype and other such items that will not work with S11 or from a Vbox within S11 on my laptop (Tosh Tecra M10)

                I use VB for a multitude of other sins.

                I think I have sorted out how to work the GRUB issue, I found out how to make Mint install its GRUB into its own partition.

                I'm now reinstalling my S11.0 rpool to my new HD, I've decided to stick with S11.0 as I reckon I have too many things to add to get S11.1 back to where I was before I started :-)

                (Apps, zones etc) I need to either go down the (painfull) upgrade route or prepare a re-install a touch better.

                I'll report back if I get the multiboot working with the different S11/LM grubs.
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                  Ok, so the original Q has been answered, it was the difference with installgrub/bootadm between S11.0 and S11.1

                  Now I just need to work out how to get GRUB with S11.0 to boot GRUB2 used with Linux Mint :-)

                  The note in the S11 "Oracle Solaris Administration: Common Tasks" http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23824_01/html/821-1451/gldpk.html says

                  "Note - Some Linux distributions now run on GRUB2, for example, Ubuntu and Mint Linux. You cannot boot GRUB2 partitions on the version of GRUB that is included in Oracle Solaris 11. In these instances, an alternate workaround is suggested."

                  Err, any alternates suggested please ????? :-)
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                    Solaris 11 seems to be delivered with a grub, extended by the ability to boot zfs.
                    Solaris 11.1 however is delivered with grub2. See also:
                    grub2 already supports zfs.
                    There is a boot repair disk at sourceforge:
                    http://sourceforge.net/p/boot-repair-cd/home/Home/ See also:
                    Possibly, you can replace the grub (from S11) by grub2.


                    PS: I've read the complete thread again and I am a little bit confused thereafter ...
                    You are assuming, there are two grubs? I only know, there is just one, responsible for booting
                    all systems. So, at least assuming the combination S11.1, Linux, there should be no problems
                    at all, because both deliver (re-install) grub2. grub2 however should also be able to boot S11.

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                      Stefan Hinker-Oracle

                      I haven't yet figured Out how to include Linux in a grub2 configuration.  However, the answer to the Initial question - how to geht rid Off the Linux master boot record in favor of the Solaris one - is this: for Solaris 11.1, use "bootadm install-bootmanager -Mvf".  The "M" will write the mbr and the "f" will make sure ist actually appens.