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    ucm workflow: jump to a subworkflow

      Hi all,

      I am using webcenter content - and currently working on workflows.

      My case: i am having a main workflow with 3 steps(step1, step2, step3) each having certain number of approvers. From step3(userx, usery, userz --> requires approval from all users), an user can call adhoc workflow to assign his work to subordinates(jump to a subworkflow). If any one of the person(say userx) calls an adhoc workflow by updating a specific metadata on the content item, then the content item moves totally from the main workflow to subworkflow(i.e. the other two users cannot see their workitem as it is moved to adhoc workflow by one of the approvers) and i have given the return step to the current step from where the adhoc workflow is triggered.

      My requirement: If a person(userx) calls an adhoc workflow, the content item should remain in main workflow for the other two users usery and userz and parallely it should move to adhoc workflow and once adhoc workflow triggered by userx is finished, it should come to main workflow as a workitem only for userx as usery and userz is already having the workitem in their workflow assignments.

      May i know how to accomplish my requirement?

      Is it possible for a content item to be on main workflow as well as subworkflow?

      Also, is it possible to return to a specific event of a workflow step from a subworkflow?

      Correct me if i am wrong anywhere, thanks a lot
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          This is not possible.

          You may understand workflow as a state diagram and workflow steps as states. At one time, an item can only be in one step - therefore, you cannot "remain in the main workflow" and "move to an ad-hoc workflow" at the same time.

          Btw. keep in mind that native workflows are document workflows - like if a document routes through an organization. They are mainly designed to get an approved version of the document - thus, it might be expected that a document changes. I am curious what the purpose of subworkflows is - is it that the content is to be changed? Or, just metadata? Either way, you probably want users y and z to approve the result of the subworkflow rather than the original data, don't you? If the purpose of the subworkflow is not changing either metadata, or content, but rather do a process, then, you should not use native UCM workflows for that - or, you will end up with lame-designed process workflows at the best.

          UCM is not a tool for Business Process Management - btw. for more than a year you have a restricted license of BPM Suite included in WebCenter Content.
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            thanks a lot jiri, it helped me understanding the process better
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              As Jiri mentioned, you cannot have a single item in multiple workflows at same time. However... give this a read and let me know how it goes...
              when userX calls adhoc workflow, instead of moving the actual item to adhoc workflow, you can check-in a dummy item (no Promary File) which enters adhoc workflow for userX.
              You mentioned step3 requires all 3 approvals, so userY and userZ can still approve the original item but, the document still needs userX approval.
              you can notify userX about adhoc approval aor Rejection so he can take appropriate action in the main workflow.