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    SQLDeveloper Package body button is not active.

      SQLDeveloper version:
      OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
      JDK: jdk1.6.0_35 (Oracle)

      To be short and precise, there is a bug introduced with the latest SQLDeveloper release: the "Open Body" button in the package specification editing worksheet is inactive (greyed out) when the package opened for the first time (http://imm.io/KxbO) and is normal when opened for the second time and so on (http://imm.io/KxcE).

      Steps to reproduce the bug:
      1. (Re)connect to the DB
      2. Open "Packages" in the object tree
      3. Double click any package, that has a package body - this will open the package specs
      4. See the inactive "Open Body" button
      5. Close the package specs
      6. Repeat step 3.
      7. See active "Open Body" button

      Does anyone has the same problem? Is it a bug? Any workarounds to eliminate it?


      P.S. Terminal output is totally empty:

      arino@firestarter:~$ sqldeveloper

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