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    What do you like \ dislike about FR?

    Mehmet Sevinc
      Hi all,

      I am selected as a speaker at KScope 13 and my topic will be about FR Studio and the feature that people like and dislike about it.

      I have some ideas, but the more the better. I would be very interested to hear about your thoughts on this topic... Anything helps so please feel free to share your opinions. I will credit your ideas during my presentation.

      I will also reach out to some of you directly :)

      Thank you in advance for your help.

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          I dislike all of the bugs.
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            Mehmet Sevinc
            Thanks. It would really help if you could be more specific.

            Thanks again.

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              i hate:

              1. formatting takes most of the time than report development itself..

              2. positioning if there are multiple grids,graphs in a rpt......

              3. Graphs..not flexible...
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                I don't like the fact that I cannot see all my sort selections when I need to delete one. For example, I have 60 sorts and each tab is labeled with something similar to: Sort Row 146, Sort rows 149:152, and so forth. When I need to delete one, all I can see is a list of Delete Sort 1, Delete Sort 2,...., Delete Sort 60. It is a guessing game to select the desired sort to delete.

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                  I like the dynamic nature of FR.
                  1. Various functions to retrieve the data, based on Childrens, Base, Decesndats etc.
                  2. Reuse Templates - Create one report and you can use the row and column dimensions separately to other reports, Link to reports (one report updated all reports updated automatically)
                  3. Reuse Objects (Image, Header, Footer, Page No etc)
                  4. Easy to build
                  5. Less Error prone
                  6. Supressing Zero details
                  7. Formatting Styles

                  More Formula functions for complex calculations.
                  It would be great for Expansions we have Allow Expansion and Allow Expansion All where former expands the current parent and later expands the whole hierarchy at once. etc

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                    Likes: -
                    1) It can be used to view data in multiple dimension and this can be done very easily.
                    2) Licencing is free with planning.
                    3) One FR report can be connect to various planning application and data can be fetched as required which is not that flexible with smart view and add-in.

                    Dislikes: -
                    1) Not so user friendly GUI.
                    2) Editing of Header and Footer in troublesome.
                    3) Resolution of FR on a whole is not proper. Too much of scrolling is required.
                    4) Sorting or searching for members is not flexible
                    5) POV setting from work space preferences is not so good option.

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                      Iain Curtain
                      Hi Mehmet,

                      - it's a solid product and the core technology is very good and allows a lot of flexible reporting, as long as you know where you want to get before you start developing.
                      - Nice there is a stand alone installer.
                      - A key product for Oracle, the reporting choice for the Oracle Accounting Hub

                      - you need to understand the reporting requirements and structures before staring to develop FR reports, otherwise it can cause lots of wasted effort.
                      - very un-descriptive error messages on connect "You are not authorized to use the functionality. Contact your administrator."
                      This is the standard error message for all errors, from network, firewall, version mismatch and security issues.
                      - have to use the exact version as the server is, not very helpful in a mixed environment, where Dev, QA and Production can at times be different versions.
                      - can be a bit clunky, in that you have to do things in the right order, for example if you have a report which contains sorts and you need to modify the layout, you ail need to remove the sort, make the layout adjustments, then re-apply the sort.
                      - still uses ports 8200-8299, not the "standard 19000" for connections.
                      - no real functionality updates, unless you count XBRL, which has been removed now :-/

                      Hope this helps a bit, let me know if you need more details.

                      Cheers, Iain
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                        Mehmet Sevinc
                        Thanks everybody. This is very useful. Please keep updating this thread.


                        Update: I don't think I can mark the answers Helpful anymore, since the only option for the last response (Iain's) only has Correct button.

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                          Dilike -

                          You can't show the cell comments and account annotations what you have entered in the webform in hyperion Planning.