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    New OBI/BI Apps installation for PS 9.1 Financials. or

      Hi Folks,

      We're starting a green field implementation of OBIEE 11g with BI Apps. We want to integrate with PeopleSoft 9.1 Financials. I see was release recently, and now we're undecided on whether to go with or The one piece that has me worried is the new DAC version 11.1.1 that comes with - is this very different from DAC version that comes with ( Are there any compelling reasons to go with other than that it's the latest and greatest? I'd be curious to hear from anyone who has tested and the experience they've had so far.

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          I havnt looked both of them but I would suggest to go with latest version, since in future you have to go with them.
          For DAC check this link

          If helps pls mark

          Also appreciate if you share your experience with me thru otn or to my email.

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            I know the older version DAC upto 7963 and looked at the new documentation which is similar to the OTBI Fusion Applications model so I will suggest go with the new version so that you can explore DAC with weblogic server and also Some functional setups moved to OBIA Configuration Manager ..and lots of new ..
            Please let us know or post your experience.

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              Ahsan Shah
              Not sure many people have tested 7964 as it come out less than a week ago...but since you are on PSOFT, there should not be any "functionality" you are missing out on. However, a few things that may impact your deployment:

              - Roll up Patch w 120+ bug fixes in 7964 whcih may exist in 7963
              - certified w Exalytics if you plan to use that on the DB side
              - DAC 11g advantages (concurrent execution plans, etc)

              For a complete list check this: https://blogs.oracle.com/proactivesupportEPM/entry/oracle_bi_applications_obia_7

              Pls mark correct or helpful if this helps...
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                Thanks All. I think we are going to go with I'll certainly post back my experiences once we get a better understanding of what's involved.
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                  MK wrote:
                  Thanks All. I think we are going to go with I'll certainly post back my experiences once we get a better understanding of what's involved.
                  Hi Folks, updating on my experience so far. Here are some issues we ran into which I hope I can help other people avoid when installing

                  (1) Creating the Dataware house tables from DAC

                  We ran into an issue when building out the warehouse tables from the DAC. This is from the wizard which launches from DAC -> ETL Management -> Configure. The documentation says to leave the container blank, so in our case we would have the "Universal" container and the "PeopleSoft 9.1" container. Here is the documentation I refer to:

                  Container: (from Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Installation Guide for Informatica PowerCenter Users Release E35271-01 p4-51)
                  The name of the source business applications for which you want to create
                  the data warehouse tables.
                  Note: You must leave this field blank, unless told to specify a value by
                  Oracle Support.
                  If you leave the Container field blank, DAC creates a container by default for
                  all of the following:
                  -The source business applications that you selected when you imported
                  the seed data into the DAC metadata repository earlier (for more
                  information, see Section 4.9.3, "Importing Metadata into the DAC
                  -Any copies of those source system applications.
                  - Any additions made to those source system applications.
                  - Any new source system applications that you have custom built.
                  If there are tables that are common to these containers, then only one table
                  will be created.

                  When we follow these instructions, the operation fails with the following error:

                  62 SEVERE Fri Jan 25 15:05:10 EST 2013 MESSAGE:::
                  Table Name : W_INTL_ASSGN_D
                  Column Name: CREATED_BY_WID.
                  The column properties that are different :[statistics]
                  EXCEPTION CLASS::: com.siebel.analytics.etl.sqlgen.disambiguator.TableDescriptorDisambiguatorException

                  Support came back to us saying this is a bug and to work-around, we can use just the PeopleSoft 9.1 container. Here is the reference:


                  (2) The other issue we ran into was caused by problems with the batch scripts that set the environment on windows (we have 2008 R2 x64). Both the config.bat and dac_env.cmd. The specific lines are these in the respective files:

                  set INFORMATICA_SERVER_LOCATION="D:\INFA910" (from dac_env.cmd)

                  set JAVA_HOME="D:\app\JDK1.6u38x64\jre" (from config.bat)

                  The double quotes in the variables above were causing problems setting the environment and affected us both with the integration between DAC and INFA and also with starting the DAC server.

                  -The error when testing out connection to infa was:

                  Informatica(r) PMREP, version [9.1.0 HotFix2], build [357.0902], Windows 64-bit
                  Copyright (c) Informatica Corporation 1994 - 2011
                  All Rights Reserved.
                  This Software is protected by U.S. Patent Numbers 5,794,246; 6,014,670; 6,016,501; 6,029,178; 6,032,158; 6,035,307; 6,044,374; 6,092,086; 6,208,990; 6,339,775; 6,640,226; 6,789,096; 6,820,077; 6,823,373; 6,850,947; 6,895,471; 7,117,215; 7,162,643; 7,254,590; 7,281,001; 7,421,458; 7,496,588; 7,523,121; 7,584,422; 7,720,842; 7,721,270; and 7,774,791, international Patents and other Patents Pending.

                  Invoked at Sat Jan 26 18:33:30 2013

                  Connected to repository Informatica_Repository in Domain_D01 as user Administrator
                  connect completed successfully.

                  Completed at Sat Jan 26 18:33:35 2013

                  ERROR OUTPUT

                  EXCEPTION CLASS::: com.siebel.analytics.etl.infa.interaction.PmrepConnectException


                  -The error while starting DAC was:

                  Windows cannot find "\bin\javaw.exe"

                  For both issues, removing the double quotes resolved the problem. I.e., it should look like this (and make sure you install in a path with no spaces :) :

                  set INFORMATICA_SERVER_LOCATION=D:\INFA910 (from dac_env.cmd)

                  set JAVA_HOME=D:\app\JDK1.6u38x64\jre (from config.bat)
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                    Francisco Bispo
                    The problem 1 occurs due an conflict between the Universal and PeopleSoft 9.1 containers. Oracle Support has suggested to customize the PeopleSoft's container and modify the table W_INTL_ASSGN_D. I had success in generate the scripts by creating a new container as a copy from PeopleSoft 9.1 and then deleted the columns CREATED_BY_WID and CHANGED_BY_WID (the second one causes the same problem), them re-run again the ETL Tool using the Universal and customized PeopleSoft containers. (In my case, i has an EBS container too).

                    In steps: duplicate the peoplesoft container, delete the trouble columns, re-run the etl tool using the customized container.

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