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    Account is billing old, closed SA's on current bill

      I have some accounts that are acting strangely in CC&B. I have a customer who moves out and leaves a balance. The SA's are closed and this information comes over during conversion. Now, the same customer starts service again and the first bill is showing the old closed SA's as well and charging the past amounts in addition to the new charges on the new SA's. These closed SA's can go back years...
      Is this a configuratin issue and if so from where? Do we need a new algorithm for processing these scenarios or will this be a code change?
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          This is a standard feature of CC&B - if the customer moves out, leaving a debt, and then signs up again with the same account, the previous debt will appear on the bill along with any new charges. If you don't want it billed, you could choose not to convert these amounts, or write them off during conversion, or not reuse accounts - all are possibilities, depending upon the business requirement.

          Regarding the status of the old SAs - if they have a financial balance, they should not have been converted as "Closed". In CC&B, the system will change SA Status to "Closed" only when there is no financial balance, and you can also close an SA online, but only if there is no financial balance. The meaning of "Closed" is essentially that there is no financial balance.
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            Another question in regards to this. I was looking up Write off information in the help docs. If these SA's that have delinquent balances and the customer has moved out and final billed.....what if a write off process was started for each of these? Now here is the catch......the actual write off would be in 5 years. But in the meantime, since there would be a pending or active write off process, would these SA's still reactivate if the customer started service again?