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    Legacy Trusted Source for HRMS

      Hi Experts !

      Is it possible to integrate HRMS with a legacy system such that HR data in the legacy system is the trusted source for HRMS? It means that legacy system maintains the updates being made in the system and pushes them to HRMS. While HRMS is used by establishments dealing with planning, forecasting and analysis.

      If anyone has come across such use case, please do share the details.

      Best Regards
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          Sanjay Singh
          Hi Zia,

          This is really a rare scenario. As per your note client is expecting to do planning & forecasting using Oracle then recommend them to use the same system for data maintenance too. It will be an unnecessary burden of integrating the legacy and Oracle in this case with The ROI to be very minimum.

          Is there any major reason they want to continue maintaining the data in existing system?

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            At this moment only thing can think about is SOA ..because u write interfaces just to transfer data .but in case
            of real time update at same time ..u need SOA for that
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              SOA is the exact thing we are banking upon. What I would like to request your views is that can EBS work in this model? Documentation does elaborate the process to feed legacy systems (for example payroll ) or that's my limited knowledge.
              Can you please share the possibility that it can be done or not? Any inherent constraints that can restrict EBS from accepting hr data as trusted source?

              Thank you