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    Boot failure after change storage contoller pcie slot


      I want change the pcie slot of the storage controller. When I do this Grub comes up but the boot of solaris are failed.
      I try edit grub $multiboot on the end of line insert a "-r" for reconfigure. But this not working.

      The Storage Controller is an LSI HBA (jbod) 9211-8i on this controller are all harddrives for rpool and other pools.
      How can I change the Controller pcie slot?

      Solaris 11.1 test Environment

      Many thanks
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          I have found the solution.

          1.) Start with a Solaris CD and select #3 (shell)
          2.) Import rpool "zpool import -f rpool"
          3.) Remove rm -f /dev/dsk/* and /dev/rdsk/*

          Reboot Server that works for me.

          Thanks a lot
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            Eventually, a pool that is imported and active would be unhappy that all of its device paths had been removed.

            Next time, I think I would recommend this if you are going to change controller slots on root pool devices:

            1. Boot from media
            2. Review the zpool import info for rpool but don't import it
            3. Change the controller slot
            4. Import the root pool to see if the device info has been updated
            5. If something goes wrong, change the hardware back.
            6. If the root pool status is okay, reboot.

            For non-root pools, you can export them during multiuser mode and change the hardware and the pool should handle the device changes upon import, but I would test this first on dummy pools with your hardware.

            I have seen many painful experiences changing hardware under pools.


            Disks are identified both by their path and by their device ID, if available. On systems where device ID information is available, this
            identification method allows devices to be reconfigured without updating ZFS. Because device ID generation and management can vary
            by system, export the pool first before moving devices, such as moving a disk from one controller to another controller. A system event, such as a firmware update or other hardware change, might change the device IDs in your ZFS storage pool, which can cause the
            devices to become unavailable.

            Thanks, Cindy
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              Very nice !
              I change the slot and boot from media. Do an zpool import. Reboot Server and it works for me. You do not need any files from folder dsk or rdsk to delete!

              Many thanks from Germany
              Andreas Very cool!

              I have only boot from Media and do a zpool import

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