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    Unable to submit data in smartview

      Hi All,

      We are maintaining two version of smart view template, Locked and Unlocked version. Locked version are protected,meaning cells are locked in each tab to user can't change the data and the Unlocked version is not password protected every cell can be modified by the user. However the End-user facing issue in submitting data in the Locked version, Could you please advise any changes need to be done in the Locked version of the smart-view template.

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          What Smartview version? When you say 'template', are you referring to a dataform?

          Not sure if it is my understanding of the issue, but I am a little confused by your post...

          You state that your "locked version" is protected so that users cannot change data, but then state that the issue is that the user cannot submit data in the locked version? If you have a "locked" version of a template, why would a user attempt to submit data in it, and why is it an issue that they cant?



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            Hi JB,

            Thanks for your reply.

            Certain information that we have included within each template is managed by our team, and we would therefore like to “lock” any data entry or edits of this information by the End users. However, when initially distributed these locked forms to the End users, they were unable to submit their data within the “locked” version of the form. Once the form was unlocked, this issue was resolved.

            Can you please help me understand and re-mediate this issue?

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              Hi Sanjeev

              So, is the issue that you want end users to be able to only submit data at particular intersections on your "locked" form, but not allow them to submit against other intersections (ie information managed by your team)?

              If this is the case, then I guess the obvious solution would be to restrict cell inputs based on user security, or an alternative would be to set particular rows or columns as read-only in your dataform design....I guess it just depends what fits best for your particular case.


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                I believe part of the issue is how Smat View does a submit. When submitting, it does the send of data then a new reteieve to repopulate the sheet, If the sheet is locked, it can't perform the second part and will fail. Since this is a template, perhaps create a macro submit button that unlocks the sheet, does the send and then relocks the sheet
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                  Hi Glenn,

                  We do not want the End users to have the ability to change the template. They should only be able to input data into certain cells that we allow.
                  Therefore, in “Format Cells” in Excel, we have the most of the cells LOCKED; in the “Review” menu in Excel, we PROTECT the sheet with a password.
                  We keep the cells where the divisions need to input data UNLOCKED.

                  If so, that’s how we have it set up, but it seems that they can’t submit any data when the cells are locked.

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                    you could keep it that way, but have a password protected macro that does the steps
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                      How to call hyperion menu option through macro.