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    CSS file Not accessible from Template

      I am trying to render a page. This page uses a CSS file. I have used the following line to access CSS.

      <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="Demo/css/workingCSS1.css"/> where 'Demo' is the site name. I have enables 'stylesheet' asset type for the project and have chceked in the CSS file using 'New Style Sheet' option assuming that this will checkin the CSS file at <Site_Name>/css/workingCSS1.css relative location just like its is happening in 'avisports' site where the CSS is getting stored at avisports/css/all.css and being accessed in the following way

      <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="avisports/css/all.css"/>
      <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="avisports/css/form.css"/>

      The problem i am facing is that the

      1.) unlike sites 'avisports' and 'FirstsiteII', there is no folder getting created for my project\site in /oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/<domain_name>/CS/<site_name>/css. I am using 'Publish destination: Delivery' for my site. The Destination address:      http://[targetserver:80]/servlet/      & Remote User:      [user] values for this destination is the default one. I have just included my site by editing the property of this destination. What should i do in order for my site folder to be created at /oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/<domain_name>/CS/

      2.) All my CSS files checked in through the project are getting stored only at /oracle/Middleware/Shared/Storage/StyleSheet/807/436 location. I want these to be stored at /oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/<domain_name>/CS/<site_name>/css. What i need to to achieve that.

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          There is actually no mechanism in sites that automatically places the stylesheets into the webapp, the Avisports sample site has been written in such a way that the stylesheets are hardcoded to be retrieved from the relative url corresponding to their location in the webapp, they have been placed there manually. It does not use Stylesheet assettype. If you want to do the same in your implementation, that is have the stylesheets kept in the webapp, then you need to manually ensure that this is done (for each CS and RSS you may have).

          The FSII sample site uses Stylesheet asset type instead, and serves the stylesheet via blobserver. See the FSIIStyleSheetResolver.jsp for example how this is done.