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    Class path is not getting recognised by Agent Listners

      Hi Gurus,

      We have defined one custom Agent for dequeuing message from local topic to middleware topic. The custom Agent is attached with Custom Java Queue Handler.The custom agent is assigned to Workflow Java Agent Listner.The Agent is going into error with below reason.

      oracle.apps.fnd.wf.bes.QueueHandlerException: Class xxfusn.oracle.apps.xxfusn.wf.GenericQueueHandler Not Found -> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: xxfusn.oracle.apps.xxfusn.wf.GenericQueueHandler

      our DBA has set the class path and bounced instance as well but still we are facing the issue.

      Please let us know if we have to set class path in some file that will resolve the above issue.


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