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    How to copy a sales order in istore


      Is there any API which will enable a istore user to copy order in IStore - as it is done in OM?

      (1) Our requirement is that For a Model item, we should be able to copy from an existing order from the Order Tracker Page in istore and make one or two changes to the configuration parameters and re-submit the order as a new order.

      (2) Also is it possible to change the order type in istore, for eg. if I want the order type to be a 'Quote" type, is it possible to handle this in istore?

      Thanks in advance.

      Revathi R
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          1) If your customers will be ordering the same items on there cart every time as you intended them to copy rather than adding to cart, there is a feature Shopping List. When they create that cart they can add it to shopping list and then that cart can be processed. Within the carts tab under shopping list your cart is saved and can be used for future ordering of the same items and this shopping list can be added to a cart and processed.

          2) Out of the box order type is linked to the minisite via a profile. You need to place some extension to flip the order type based on certain parameters passed by your customer. Or you can have multiple minisites one for quote and one for ordering.

          Thank you,
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            L S P..
            Hi Revathi,

            I am having the same issue. Could you please guide me.

            Also am struggling with couple of days on this issue please help..

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              Pradeep Kalyan
              Please refer to the below link


              I have got the same question few weeks back in the forum and I have drafted my reply as a blog post. Please refer and get back to me for any questions.

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                L S P..
                Hi pradeep,
                Thanks for your valuable help.

                I have checked that link that's what i needed exactly.
                But in that am having one issue. i.e that logic is working only if the order is created in istore. But my requirement having both istore and OM sales order.

                Also is there any possibility for creating Quote or cart for OM sales order's.

                Please help.
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                  L S P..
                  Hi Pradeep,

                  I have a requirement for copy the Existing ATO configurator model to new model.
                  i.e. Customer will configured the model in istore process flow to create a sales order.

                  After that for second sales order customer don't want to make same configuration for new order.
                  They want the copy of existing sales order lines into shopping cart.

                  so added interface for copying the existing configuration and existing items sales order.
                  In this process we could do for normal standard line items. But we are facing some issues in copying the configurator items. Also it should work for both orders created in istore and OM process).

                  Steps we are followed for copying the existing ATO models:

                  =>First we find the existing configuration's for already created ato model.
                  =>Then we copied the existing model configuration into new configuration using cz_cfg_api.copy_configuration API
                  =>After that we are passing new configuration detail, model line details and sub item detail into ASO_QUOTE_LINES_PVT.Insert_Quote_Line_Rows API.
                  =>This API's will made the appropriate entry in 'ASO_QUOTE_LINES_ALL' and 'ASO_QUOTE_LINE_DETAILS' tables.

                  After the all process when we looking into the cart page the model and model sub-items are created as separate lines.
                  It was not fully configured as a model.

                  Could you please guide me, anything related configurator process