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    TimeSlotPerHour in Adf Calendar

    Jhon Carrillo
      Hi all,

      I had lot of hours searching information about how to change the time slot per hour in the calendar component. I am developing with jdev and the official docs has nothing about my requirement.

      Recently, I found the following info about jdev [http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29597_01/web.1111/e28163/af_calendar.htm] :

      *"TimeSlotsPerHour: Set the number of time slots to display per hour in day or week view. Time slots are minor divisions per hour, indicated by a dotted line splitting the hour into shorter intervals. For example, the value 4 will render four time slots per hour, measuring 15 minutes each. Valid values are auto or a non-zero positive whole number. By default, the value is auto.*

      *When set to auto the calendar will use the skin property -tr-time-slots-per-hour. For example, af|calendar {-tr-time-slots-per-hour: 4} will render a minor division (dotted line) at 15-minute intervals."*

      I tried to set these properties in jdev but the property and skin selector doesnt exists.

      So, What is the reason to remove this important calendar property and skin selector ? What is the new way to manage this situation?

      My project needs this feature and I'd appreciate your help.