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    Web Center Newbiee

      How easy it is to transform from SHAREPOINT to WEBCENTER..?

      And, want to get/start into webcenter very quickly - need some help on this - either documents or video tutorials would help...!
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          Bijesh Krishnadas
          Have you looked here - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/webcenter/portal/overview/index.html?
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            Same discusssion was going on at this thread :

            Re: How to Integrate  Webcenter and MS Sharepoint

            So are you looking for the content migration from MS sharepoint to webcenter (portal/content) or you are intented to use ECM as content repository and Webcenter portal as portal (UI) ?

            If you only concern about content migration then lot of valuable info you will get from the below links -

            and even connectors's are avaliable -
            See -

            The satisfactory answer will depend on the complexity of the existing systems and the targeted (new webcenter portal's) portals complexity.

            Hope you can get some thought over it.

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              i'm coming from microsoft sharepoint world to oracle webcenter...! i know both of them are portal collaboration softwares. But here the challenge is i should now understand the webcenter architecture and want to quickly move on to develop some custom plug and play components. i need guidance in this regard.
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                yes i looked into that article.! please see my reply below