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    Deployment is Very slow?

      Dear All,

      I am using JDeveloper V. The application I intend to develop may have 350 forms. I have made 150 forms till now. I am developing with Integrated Weblogic server.
      I am using machine having core 2 Duo processor,2 GB Ram, 2.4 Ghz. but my system is very slow.

      How to solve this problem?


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          Timo Hahn
          2 GB Ram
          You are lucky it runs at all. You definitively need more RAM, 4GB or more depending on your OS.

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            Wes Fang
            I've benched marked Jdev R2 running Fusion Order Demo on several hardware/os configurations. Checkout:


            Currently, we do JDev 10g development with a similar setup as you except double the ram. However, moving forward to 11g, our development machines will be upgraded to quad core i7 with SSDs. Also, make sure you are deploying to a local drive as I have had problems with deployment speed over the network.
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              Thanks Timo.
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                Dear Timo,

                I have Windows XP 32-bit processor, which has a memory limit of 3 GB.
                Also, when I said my system is slow, I meant deploying and re-deploying is slow.

                I tried solving this by:

                1. Using JDBC URL instead of data source in application module. The application now undeployed in seconds, but took 5-6 minutes OR more to deploy. Can you let me know how many times, I should be deploying and re-deploying my application in a day. What if there are changes in my Java and XML files. Should I rebuild or redeploy?

                2. As per another link, I tried optimizing the memory settings in jdev.conf. For starting 3-4 deployment took 1.5 minutes, but gradually the problem was back (5-6 minutes OR more).

                AddVMOption -XX:+AggressiveOpts
                AddVMOption -XX:+UseStringCache
                AddVMOption -XX:+OptimizeStringConcat

                # only since Java 6 update 21 performance release
                # reduces memory consumption
                #AddVMOption -XX:+UseCompressedStrings
                AddVMOption -XX:+ScavengeBeforeFullGC

                # only for multi-core machines
                AddVMOption -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC
                AddVMOption -XX:+UseGCOverheadLimit

                # works only on 64-bit JVM
                # dramatically reduces memory consumption
                # by reducing memory addressing length overhead
                #AddVMOption -XX:+UseCompressedOops

                AddVMOption -DMainWindow.MemoryMonitorOn=true

                # Set VFS_ENABLE to true if your
                # projects contain a large number of files.
                # You should use this specially if
                # you're using a versioning system.
                AddVMOption -DVFS_ENABLE=true

                3. Also, I tried optimizing the memory settings in ide.conf to 1024M and 300 M. Didn't work properly. JDeveloper shut down.

                # If you are getting the 'Low Memory Warning' Message Dialog while running
                # JDeveloper, please increase the -Xmx value below from the default 800M to
                # something greater, like 1024M or 1250M. If after increasing the value,
                # JDeveloper is no longer starting up because it fails to create a virtual
                # machine, then please reduce the modified -Xmx value, or use a 64bit JDK
                # which allows for very very large value for -Xmx.
                AddVMOption -Xmx1024M
                AddVMOption -Xms300M

                4. Also, in app module local, I added parameter value 1 for jbo.txn.disconnect_level. Undeployment was faster but re-deployment was not affected.

                Please advise.

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                  Timo Hahn

                  the problem is still the amount of memory you can use. 3GB RAM on a windows pc isn't enough, windows itself need about 1GB so you only have about 2GB left which don't leave much to work with. I guess you can't gain any substantial time by altering the memory configuration. Try to get more memory and a 64 Bit system.

                  I would invest the time to think about the architecture of the application you are building. Modularized development is the area where you should work on. Check out this http://www.sagecomputing.com.au/papers_presentations/ADF%20Architectural%20Patterns%20-%20LongBeach%20ODTUG%20minus%20pics.pptx, https://blogs.oracle.com/onesizedoesntfitall/entry/classifying_adf_task_flow_navigation and then the more advanced video presentation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toEuQvp73h8

                  This should give you an idea on how to divide your application into manageable pieces.