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      I am trying to bring out the log4j logs generated by enterprise application that I deployed. The log4j logs that I want to display are different from the system logs. The Servers -> Admin Server-> Logging defines a log file. This is system log. The application logs are the ones generated by the application I have deployed. I have a log4j.properties that contains the logfile name, location and other details. I would not prefer to drop the log4j.properties inside the weblogic directory because it is not a good practice.

      I shall list down the attempts I had made. But, all of them did not yield results.
      I tried to use from this link http://ananthkannan.blogspot.in/2009/09/how-to-configure-log4j-in-weblogic.html . That was not useful because I can't copy the log4j.properties inside weblogic directory and am not permitted to confuse the application & system logs.
      I tried to add parameters in the Servers -> Admin Server-> SeverStart -> Arguments
      -DSTP_CONFIG_PATH=C:/TEMP/install_websphere11565/STPConfig/STPSpringConfig.xml -Dlog4j.configuration=C:/TEMP/install_websphere11565/STPConfig/log4j.properties

      Both the above attempts did not generate the log file.

      May I request you where to tell weblogic to please use the log4j.configuration and what else to do.

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          Hi people,
          I have got it working.

          Servers -> Your Server-> SeverStart -> Arguments

          What made the difference was I had to prefix 'file' for the log4j.properties location. I don't know its significance because springConfig is located without 'file', but it worked.