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    QBE on uncommitted data in af:table

      I am using Jdev v11.
      I have an af:table in which I can insert, delete or save data.
      I also have QBE enabled on this table.
      If I add some rows and save the data before doing some query using QBE it works fine. But if add some rows and without clicking save I do QBE then it behaves erratically i.e. search results get lost when I remove the query criteria.
      But if try to add a row with same primary key (which a lost row had), it gives me error. So it means that row is still there.

      Does anyone has any idea about this? I can explain in more detail if you want. Is this adf default behavior i.e. it doesn't support qbe on uncommitted data?
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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          as an Oracle employee you can use the internal JDeveloper mailing list and internal forums (especially when you work with internal builds of JDeveloper)

          To answer your question (assuming the VO to query is based on an EO), set the query mode of the VO to also look into the entity cache. If the QBE is based on a custom ViewCriteria, then you can set this on the View Criteria (see the second tab in teh View Criteria editor). If you use the "all queryable attributes" default view criteria, use the following Java code to set the VO query mode


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            Hi Frank,
            That works, but I still have further problems with this.
            As you have suggested I have posted about this further in internal forums. Can you please take a look here if you know about the issue- http://myforums.oracle.com/jive3/thread.jspa?threadID=1191023

            Appreciate your help,
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              I can post the question here if you want..