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    ODI do not see some views


      I have particular issue (all inside Oracle 11 database):

      Using user XXINT i need to reverse engineer views I have in schema APPS. I configured the physical schema and now I am facing this:

      Two of views I need to reverse are called:
      1. xx_tkw_dane_o_prod
      2. xx_tkw_mpk_v

      In SQL developer I can run querries:
      select * from apps.xx_tkw_mpk_v
      select * from apps.xx_tkw_dane_o_prod

      And both give me results. However when I try to reverse engineer this schema I get only xx_tkw_mpk_v view (also in selective reverse engineering I see only that one).
      When I create datastore for xx_tkw_dane_o_prod manualy I can View Data inside with ODI. However when I open this datastore and use Reverse Engineer nothing happens (columns are not being added).

      Have anyone faced sth like that?

      Best regards,