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    Report to excel of hosts

      Possible to export info of all hosts monitored to excel from OEM?


      want to get host, IP, OS, ram, cpu, blah, blah....
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          if not possible to export directly from OEM (cant find anythign which says i can from 11), what tables in OEM hold this info, I can create an ODBC select from excel directly in to the EOM database?
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            Courtney Llamas-Oracle
            Yes, you can query the Management Repository Views - described in the Extensibility Guide http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11857_01/em.111/e12135/views.htm#BACCEIBI
            MGMT$OS_HW_SUMMARY might have most of what you're looking for.
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              yep, got most of what Im looking for...thanks
              SELECT distinct 
              a.host_name AS "SERVER NAME",
              a.cpu_count AS "# Active CPUs",
              a.mem || ' kb' AS "Mem KB",
              b.inet_address AS "Server IP Address",
              c.target_name AS "Instance Name"
              FROM mgmt$os_hw_summary a,
              mgmt$hw_nic b,
              mgmt$target_components c
              WHERE a.host_name=c.host_name AND
              b.host_name=c.host_name AND
              b.inet_address IS NOT NULL AND 
              b.inet_address <> '' and 
              c.target_type = 'oracle_database'
              ORDER BY 1,5