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    Additional Agents Starting Databank at Different Records (configurable?)

      I've noticed that for some reason a 2nd agent starts reading a databank from the 21st record.

      The situation I had was that although I was only testing 10VUs (spread over 2 agents), one agent would always fail. I realised that what was happening was that although the 1st agent gets it's credentials from the 1st record of the databank (which has 400 records), the 2nd agent tries to use the 21st record. The problem being that the SUT currently only has 20 actual users configured (PT001-PT020) so trying to use PT021 will obviously fail! Eventually this testing will move to a different environment when all the users will be configured.

      I'm working round this for the moment but is there a way of configuring this behaviour? i.e. how many records additional agents "skip"?

      Regards, Ian.