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    OVM and Sun V7000 SAN


      Has anyone connected a CMP Sun server ( T4-2 in our case ) to a Sun Storwize V7000 SAN ? We can present SAN LUN's to the control domain, but a Sol 10 LDOM can't "see" the SAN. Currently having a look to see if there's a driver issue, but wondered if anyone had a similar config that was working.


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          Bjoern Rost
          I have no idea what a Storwize 7000 is but if you want to present FC disks or luns to an LDOM there are two basic ways to do this:

          - the "normal" way would be to present the LUNs to the control domain (or an IO domain), then create a vdisk on it and assign it to the ldom (ldm add-vdsdev /dev/... volume1@primary-vds, ldm add-vdisk vdisk1 volume1@primary-vds sol10ldom)
          - or you can assign the whole FC HBA device to your ldom and the the guest will be able to "see" all the LUNs from the SAN. The process is described here: http://portrix-systems.de/blog/brost/using-direct-io-with-ldoms/

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            user10650209 wrote:
            to a Sun Storwize V7000 SAN
            @ O.P.,
            A Google search shows that your peripheral is an IBM product:
            It is not a Sun/Oracle product.

            You might need to seek help from that manufacturer (configuration and setup documentation, perhaps?).