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    Primavera Unifier Business Process


      Can anyone explain how to publish a modified business process??

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          Marc DiNick
          Publishing a modified BP to Unifier is not much different than publishing it for the first time except, unlike uStage, some aspects of the design and configuration are now locked and may need to be replaced to effect changes, e.g. a modified workflow.

          Is something specifically causing a problem?
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            I have made some changes in a workflow of a business process and trying to test the BP. I observed that the changes are not taken into effect. That's why I'm wondering is there any concept of publishing the BP once the changes are made?

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              Marc DiNick
              Where are you making changes, uDesigner or uStage?

              If you make a change to a workflow in uDesigner, for example, adding a step, and import it into uStage, that new step should immediately appear in the workflow setup and will need to be configured. If you have created a new, alternate workflow, you will need to enable it in uStage like you did for the first workflow.

              There have been only two instances I've seen my changes not take effect, but they only have to do with the workflow configuration process within uStage.

              1. I'm changing the workflow setup in a template and I forget to push the changes out to the shells.
              2. I'm changing the workflow setup in a specific instance of a BP in a shell and then I go into the wrong shell instance to test it.
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                Hi Marc,

                Thanks for the information.

                I have missed the importing part of the modified business process into uStage. Now that I have imported in the uStage I have successfully able to see the changes that are made in the BP's.

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                  OJEK Arbogast - Oracle
                  Something to note when the workflow schema (combination of Setup Name and Workflow Name) exists in a Template.

                  While uDesigner will allow the studio owner (owner of the BP) to make changes to the workflow design prior to it being published (imported into a production environment), any changes made will not be honored in a Template because (for lack of a better phrase) the Template "remembers" the old design.

                  If a previously existing schema lived in the Template has since had its workflow design modified (adding/removing steps/links) in uDesigner; uStage will allow the user to "push" the schema, or update projects/shells, and the "Update Projects > History" details will reveal that the job Status will be in the Finished state. However, if the user double-clicks into the row in the Update Projects/Shells: History window they will find that the job finished with Errors.

                  The solution is to Inactivate any previously existing schema, being sure to populate its description appropriately so that someone else doesn't try to use it and wonder why it is failing down the road, and create a New schema.

                  This scenario will typically only happen in uStage because, as another post indicates, once the workflow is Published many of its components become locked down - along with many other components of the Business Process. There is a section in the uDesigner Guide titled "Modifying a Published Design" that can be used to reference what can and cannot be changed once the Business Process has been marked Published (has a date in the Published column) in uDesigner.
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                    How to delete a BP in unifier after importing it from udesigner
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                      Ray McEntee -Oracle
                      Once you have imported a BP from uDesigner (or deployed it if you are using 9.12) you cannot delete the BP in Unifier. You can inactivate the BP and it will not longer be available. On the Company Admin, Configuration, Business Process menu options you can open a BP and set it's status to Inactive.