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    Panel Accordion programmatic disclose

      I am facing an issue with Panel Accordion programmatic disclose:

      I implemented an ADF application which has a page with a af:panelAccordion and three af:showDetailItem. In the second af:showDetailItem, I put a button and wrote an action listener to programmatically disclose the af:showDetailItem. This works correctly.
              if (this.showDetailOneBinding != null) {
              if (this.showDetailTwoBinding != null) {
              if (this.showDetailThreeBinding != null) {
              if (this.panelAccordianBinding != null) {
      Now when I package this ADF application as an ADF Library JAR and consume it inside a Webcenter Portal application, the same functionality is not working.

      Any thoughts on what am I missing?

      Please advise.

      PS: I posted this thread on JDeveloper and ADF forum as well, but since the audience might be different on these two forums, I am cross-posting:

      Panel Accordion programmatic disclose
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          I am not sure what exactly you did. When you generate the ADF jar to be consumed by Portal, make sure it has to be a taskflow i.e : your code must be wrapped up inside a taskflow, page accordition, managed bean....then create a region inside a page within Portal.

          Portal wont be able to find/run any page inside ADF application but all the beans/classes registered in faces-config, adfc-config are available.

          Other thing is Portal is still in R1. Use the same version 11.1.1.x for your ADF development if you intend for it to be consumed by Portal. Ignore this if it is not the case.