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    How to capture TXs from Archive Logs to replay them on 10g database

      Hi Experts,

      I am looking for a way to capture a TXs from one database and create a script or use it with tool, so we can capture TXs close to production while testing changes being impleted in database.


      OS: Redhat Linux 5.0

      Actualy Requirement: We have active-active Golden Gate setup done for one of our DB and once a quater we make changes in the database using DDL (CREATE / ALTER - TABLES, FUNCTIONS, TRIGGERS, etc). We are 24/7 environment and hence no downtime is affordable. What I like to know is a way to capture all TXs from one of the DB and create a script so we can run them while we are testing new changes in the database. Something like DBMS_WORKLOAD_CAPTURE Package (Available only after 11gR1) or some tools available in the market.

      I also tried loking into LoadRunner but felt it works with App tier than DB, I may be wrong there.

      Please guide me with this requirement.

      Apprecaite all the help in advance.