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    display count/aggregate value in go url

      Hi All,

      Is it possible in go url to display the calculated value?For example I want to display count(Requestor."Requestor Name") as a column value. It says that the aggregated function cannot be in concatenated field. Replace function works inside the concatenated field but count does not.

      Any workaround code to show count of field.



      'href=http://server/analytics/saw.dll?Go&Path=/Shared/Project%20Central/Expense%20Report%20Listing%20Person&Action=Navigate&P0=1&P1=eq&P2=Requestor."Requestor%20Name"&P3='|| Replace(Requestor."Requestor Name",' ','%20') || ' > '||Requestor."Requestor Name"||'
      'href=http://server/analytics/saw.dll?Go&Path=/Shared/Project%20Central/Expense%20Report%20Listing%20Person&Action=Navigate&P0=1&P1=eq&P2=Requestor."Requestor%20Name"&P3='|| Replace(Requestor."Requestor Name",' ','%20') || ' > '||count(Requestor."Requestor Name")||'