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    Weblogic (jdk1.7.0) - error (TPESVCERR - server error)


      The installation of Peopletools 8.53.00 + application + demonstration database build + all subsequent updating peopletools tables completed successfully.

      tuxedo 10gr3 (
      jdk7 (jdk1.7.0)
      peopletools : 8.53.00
      application : crm 9.1
      oracle : 10g (
      os : oel6 (oracle enterprise linux 6)
      web server, app server, proc scheduler server, oracle server on linux (oel6)

      The database boots successfully.
      The crdemo application server domain boots successfully.
      The webserver domain (crdemo) boots successfully. No errors are received during the web server boot process.
      The following error is received via the sign-on page:

      Check appserver logs.
      The site booted with internal default settings, because of:

      TPESVCERR - server error while handling request

      From this point, I've also tried supplying the user credentials of PS/PS to confirm if there are any additional errors generated. The following error is then displayed:

      The application server is down at this time.

      Although, both the application server and database are running and available, the web server domain is not able to locate the application server jsl port as indicated within the corresponding configurations.properties file. This behavior is only being received within the 8.53.00 environment. This behavior is not taking place within the 8.50.00, 8.51.00, nor 8.52.00 instances. The 8.53.00 instance is the only environment which requires weblogic Weblogic is bundled with peopletools 8.53.00 via edelivery.oracle.com. However, weblogic is not bundled with jdk7 (jdk1.7.0). Are there any additional patch releases which may be required for this release of weblogic? Are there any additional undocumented steps which must be required to complete via the web server domain console to remedy the tpesvcerr. I also recall this tpesvcerr error with earlier revisions of weblogic (8.1 sp1, sp5, etc.) where there were steps completed via the console that would remedy this issue. Are there any additional environment variable assignments which must be made available? The jdk.1.7.0 has been added to the PATH environment variable for the owner of weblogic.

      Thank you for all the assistance.