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    How to use PL/SQL procedure/function in Resource Template (listener 1.1.3)?

    Andy Hardy

      I'd like to call an existing function/procedure from a resource template. For example, I have a procedure called 'rest' with an out parameter of 'p_out' - how do I use this within a resource template?

      At the moment I have defined the template as type 'PL/SQL Block' and with the 'GET' defined as:


      APEX_PUBLIC_USER has been granted 'all' on the procedure. The p_out is populated with a piece of text.

      When I call this resource, I get a '500 Internal Error' returned. I've tried adding p_out as an X-APEX-FORWARD parameter, but nothing seems to work.

      Query-based templates seem to work OK.

      Using Listener 1.1.3 with Tomcat6.