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    Panel Accordion programmatic disclose

      I am facing an issue with Panel Accordion programmatic disclose:

      I implemented an ADF application which has a page with a af:panelAccordion and three af:showDetailItem. In the second af:showDetailItem, I put a button and wrote an action listener to programmatically disclose the af:showDetailItem. This works correctly.
              if (this.showDetailOneBinding != null) {
              if (this.showDetailTwoBinding != null) {
              if (this.showDetailThreeBinding != null) {
              if (this.panelAccordianBinding != null) {
      Now when I package this ADF application as an ADF Library JAR and consume it inside a Webcenter Portal application, the same functionality is not working.

      Any thoughts on what am I missing?

      Please advise.

      PS: I posted this thread on WebCenter Portal forum as well, but since the audience might be different on these two forums, I am cross-posting:

      Panel Accordion programmatic disclose
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          Sudipto Desmukh
          Where did you register the bean where you are doing this programmatic disclousre ?
          It should be registered within your taskflow.
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            Sudipto Desmukh
            Deepak ,
            I used Jdev and could get this partially working.
            I registered the bean in the taskflow in request scope and used the exact code that you mentioned above.

            EDIT --
            I) I noticed that this works perfectly fine in an ADF application any no. of times meaning expanding / collpasing the showDetail , clicking the button to expand.
            II)Once consumed as a ADF Library JAR inside a Webcenter Portal Application I see that this WORKS FINE ONLY THE FIRST TIME (per session) .. for all subsequent changes / expansion / collapse the button click doesnot seem to do anything.
            Looks like everything gets persisted !

            I tried the following to counter this without any luck -

            1)Set dontPersist="ALL" for the showDetailItems

            2)set the disclosed attribute to point to managed bean values which are set using similar code as above . Suggestion from Frank in post below -
            paneltabbed with showdetailitem(s) ignores disclosed property

            3)Use code like below in bean to override default behaviour of FacesBean to persist changes -
            FacesBean bean=showDetailThreeBinding.getFacesBean();
            bean.setProperty(RichShowDetailItem.DISCLOSED_KEY, null);
            as in forum post -Need help controlling disclosure of panelBoxes in af:iterator

            4)Setup MDS as specified in above forum post and adhering to -

            5)Removed/Commented MDS and +<persist-operations>+ from adf-config.xml without any luck.

            The only thing which I hadn't tried cos I felt it was too much of an effort is to create a declaritive component which extends RichShowDetailItem as detailed
            by Simon Lessard      in forum post -Need help controlling disclosure of panelBoxes in af:iterator

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