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    Designing .rtf file for Oracle report...

      Is MS Word 2010 supports to design .rtf fie (for Oracle Apps Reports)? If yes how to design i.e how to create a field?

      I have developed a report using Oracle report 10g tool. I register it in Oracle Apps(R12), output Format as PDF.
      It executes successfully but in PDF file the data is translated in to some symbols. How to get proper data in PDF file.
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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          Pl post exact OS, database and EBS versions. Pl see if this MOS Doc can help

          How to Generate PDF Output With UTF8 in R12? [ID 778970.1]

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            Abhilash K
            Hi ,

            Firstly u need to install BI Publisher in your machine so that u get a new add in MS Word for Report Generation using RTFs created through MS Word.

            Once you install the BI Publisher in your machine , its pretty simple.

            Follow the steps:

            1.Create only Data models for your reports and triggers except the paper layout .
            2.Register the conc prog in Oracle Apps and give output type as xml
            3.Add a new responsibility XML Publisher Administrator to your responsibilities and Create data template definition and in the data definition code Place ur conc prog short name and give the output type as PDF or the type of output u require.
            4.Open MS Word and design your layout using insert tables.
            5.Save the word document in .rtf format.
            6. Upload this document in Template file section as RTF in the XML Publisher Administrator Resp.
            7. Run the conc request.

            P.S Learn more on this from blogs and oracle documentations and be careful with the xml tags.

            Oracle RDF (A) ---------gives xml tags ----------- Conc Prog (B) ------------------gives xml tags from RDF to -------------XML Publisher Template (C) ----------> Gives the output :)

            So A= B
            B = C
            which implies A = C

            Happy Learning ! :)

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              Hi Abhilash,

              Thank you.
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                Abhilash K
                Hi Ravi,

                Happy to hear from u. :-)
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